Whose Fieldnotes?

Light ProfileMy name is Liz Lewis and I am an anthropologist whose work focuses broadly on questions of disability, family, and bodies.  While my area of expertise is the anthropology of disability, I like to keep things broad.  I look at meaning and everyday experience in order to gain insight into the shifting ways that social groups make sense of bodily, intellectual, and psychological difference.  I am particularly interested in disability worlds that seem to fall outside of diagnostic common sense.  The blurry catch-all of “multiple disabilities” or the increasing prevalence of spectrum diagnoses are two striking examples.  I use disability to probe deeper beliefs, anxieties, and practices surrounding belonging, community, care, love, and ideas about “proper” and “normal” bodies in the contemporary U.S.  True to the anthropological tradition, I have found that there is always much more than meets the eye.  We know only a small part of what we think we know.

My approach to disability draws from anthropology, disability studies, public health, literature, film, and personal experience.  For more on my background and research, please check out http://elizabethlewisanthropology.com.  For further details, please refer to my CV.

You can find me in the following places:

Email: emlewis@utexas.edu
Twitter: @lizlewisanthro
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/elizabeth-lewis/29/553/a98


2 thoughts on “Whose Fieldnotes?

    • Hi Devva! Thanks for stopping by. I have a few projects in line that might interest you, so please follow or check back soon. Hope to see you again at the AAAs this year!

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