Some background for two papers I have in the works.  The first is on the medicalization of childhood in the contemporary U.S.  The second, mother-blaming. Stay tuned.

Symptoms of Possible Disorders in Children: 

Appears to be shy
Likes to play by oneself
Prefers puzzles or televisions to stories
Sings off-tune
Spins in circles
Likes playing with trains or cars
Picky eater
Doesn’t like loud sounds
Temper tantrums
Does not always respond when name called
Does not always follow instructions
Needs to have instructions repeated
Trouble staying organized
Blurts out answers in class
Guesses when asked to solve a problem
On the go
Butts in on others’ conversations or games
If infant, has trouble falling or staying asleep
Mood changes
Difficulty expressing oneself if nervous or anxious
Dislikes brushing teeth
Bad at sports
Peculiar preoccupations
Dislikes tags on clothing
Prefers one-on-one play to groups

Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Various Childhood Disorders:

Don’t smoke in the house
Don’t have an underweight baby
Don’t have a preterm birth
Don’t have a baby who has to stay in the NICU
Don’t have a baby who needs oxygen
Don’t drink or use drugs while pregnant
Read to your child
Talk to your child
Don’t abuse your child physically or emotionally
Don’t vaccinate
Buy organic mattresses
Don’t eat fish while pregnant
Eat lots of fish while pregnant
Sleep with your infant
Make sure our infant sleeps alone
Give your child ample time to develop at her own pace
Utilize early intervention services (ages 0-3)
Ensure ears are clear, get tubes if necessary
Do not expose to anesthesia, a potential cause of learning disabilities
Listen to your pediatrician
Ignore your pediatrician, use specialists instead
Depending on the disorder, consider altering the race/gender/class status of child and parents


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