Effect of a science fair project on MMR vaccine beliefs in Marin County

I absolutely love this.

Dr. Jen Gunter

Background: Marin County, California has one of the highest rates of vaccine refusal in the country. The reasons for this are not socioeconomic, but rather appear to be based on fixed, false beliefs that the MMR vaccine causes autism, contains “toxins,” has mercury, or is associated with outcomes other than measles immunity. Exhaustive educational attempts via doctors, school officials, the CDPH (California Department of Public Health), the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and some main stream media outlets have had minimal impact on the understanding of vaccine ingredients and safety in this vaccine refusing cohort. We assessed the impact of a poster created by two fifth grade students with educational information about measles and the MMR vaccine on beliefs about vaccine safety on attendees of an elementary school science fair at a school in Marin County with a 7.1% personal belief exemption rate.

Methods: Two fifth grade students were given…

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