Disability Fieldnotes: January 17-23

Your weekly dose of disability news coverage, commentary and debates.  Enjoy!

Disability and Health Disparities

Hypertension More Prevalent in Individuals with IDD” (The Arc)

Race and Health Disparities in Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Living in the United States,” Haleigh M. Scott and Susan M. Havercamp (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities)

Vaccines and Infectious Disease

When Measles Spreads From Disneyland, It’s a Small World After All,” by Rachel Rabkin Peachman (NYT Motherlode)

Measles Cases Linked to Disneyland Rise, and Debate Over Vaccinations Intensifies,” Adam Nagourney and Abby Goodnough (NYT)

The Disneyland Measles Outbreak and the Disgraced Doctor Who Whipped Up Vaccination Fear,” Terrence McCoy (Washington Post)

Blame Disneyland Measles Outbreak on Anti-Science Stubbornness,” Times Editorial Board (L.A. Times)

Parents Who Sun Vaccines Tend to Cluster, Boosting Children’s Risk,” Liza Gross (NPR)

Pop Culture

Why The Theory of Everything is a Disappointing Depiction of Disability,” Scott Jordan Harris (Slate)


Feds Put New Focus on Down Syndrome,” Shaun Heasley (DisabilityScoop.com)

Down Syndrome Directions: The National Institutes of Health Research Plan on Down Syndrome” (NIH)

A Brother’s Story Fuels Autism Researcher,” Louise Kinross (BLOOM)


The ‘Designer Babies’ Debate Should Start, Scientists Say,” James Gallagher (BBC)


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